Making money from sports betting

Not an easy thing to do obviously. Let’s start by saying that gambling is a mugs game. That much is 100% true, even if you get a lucky win, over time if you continue to gamble you will lose far more than you win. That is just a mathematical fact. The bookies are in the business of making money and everything they offer is weighted in their favour. So how do we make money from the bookies? Well there is only 1 sure fire to do so. Matched betting is the only way. What is matched betting? Well it is a risk free form of betting that let’s us lock in a profit every time we bet.

We can do this by taking advantage of bookmakers free bet offers. For example Ladbrokes are offering us a £20 free bet when we bet £20 with them. So we place our £20 bet BUT we lay the bet off at Betfair. This means the bet can’t lose as we will win at Betfair if it loses with Ladbrokes. Now once that bet is over we have won nor lost anything but now we have unlocked that £20 free bet without risking a penny. Pretty good right.

So now we have our free bet we can do 1 of 2 things with it. We can punt it and hope we get lucky. Stick it on a horse at 10/1 or something and hope it comes in.

Or we can lock in a profit of around £16 no matter what the outcome of the bet. How do we do this? That is where OddsMonkey comes in, they will show you how to do this time after time and make hundreds of pounds a week guaranteed with no risk at all. All you need to do is sign up and follow their tutorials and use their software! It’s really that simple. From every free bet you unlock with the above method you can lock in around 80% of its value. Some free bets are as high as £200 so you can see how lucrative this can be.

If you want to know more then you need to be reading up on oddsmonkey reviews to get the most out of your experience.